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1. Inspiration

Stories of Survival and Resilience from some of the most remarkable women you will ever meet; although some stories are sad, they are all uplifting because of the way these women rebuilt their lives after WW2.  

2. kitchen Creativity

Delicious recipes which  are easy to follow and healthy because grandmothers cook from scratch - like nutritionists today tell us to. We test the recipes to make sure you can do it at home too. Plus updates to the traditional dishes, with vegetarian and gf options.

3. Announcements

Information on new products like our cookbook Just Add Love, Holocaust Survivors Share their Stories and Recipes. We're putting all the oral histories, recipes and photos from this project into one easy to access location. The book will be out in early 2019, and will be food for the soul, as well as a stunning cookbook.

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TESTIMONIAL  "I can't wait for this book!" says Toni O. "You know how much I love this blog,' writes Jeanette G.

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We would love to hear your story or learn your favourite recipe, for our archive. Please share with us too!

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